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Boost your mobility


Boost your mobility

Electromobility goes one step further

The installation of the new SuperChargy charging stations, offering ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles, started recently. In the near future, you will be able to take advantage of 88 SuperChargy charging points available at the main road and motorway service areas and at certain Park & Ride (P+R) car parks, corresponding to 19 locations strategically chosen in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to provide even greater support in terms of mobility.

These 88 SuperChargy direct current (DC) stations are in addition to the Chargy terminals already in place. 29 of them will allow loads up to 160 kW (compared to 22 kW for Chargy charging stations), and the other 55 will deliver up to 350 kW per socket depending on the site configuration and the capabilities of each vehicle.

Even faster and more convenient

In the same way as on Chargy terminals, identification and payment of consumption on SuperChargy stations is done via a contactless smart card (mKaart) - (your current Chargy card works on the SuperChargy terminals) or via any other badge distributed by a charging service provider already operational on the Chargy network.

The price per kWh on the SuperChargy terminals is different from that offered on the Chargy charging stations. For more information, please consult your charging service provider to find out the exact rate that is applied.

Users of SuperChargy terminals who do not have a contract with a charging service provider can also pay by credit card, without entering a binding commitment, for a fixed price displayed on the SuperChargy terminal screen.

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